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10mg is a collection of 10 minute long games.

SNAAAK is a short atmospheric Snakevania.

Traverse a forgotten laboratory while encarnating a formless critter.
Experience a study on snake’s mechanics that explores different takes and turns on the core of its design as you roam through an extensive metroidvania setting.

  • Smooth Gameplay
  • An ethereal underground lab filled with mysterious hazards
  • Evocative ambience and sound design
  • Non-linear exploration
  • Full Controller Support
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
AuthorsClovelt, jokxxi
Tags10mg, 10-minute-games, Atmospheric, Exploration, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, snake


Get this game and 9 more for $10.00 USD
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It surprised me how good this is.  It's nice and atmospheric and a really clever concept.  Well done!

Clovelt and jokxxi, you've stumbled upon a brilliant idea, and you clearly have the design chops to execute on it perfectly. As much as I appreciate a short game, I hope you understand how much further you can, and should, take this.

Really fun short game! I liked the puzzles, the last one was amazing! :)


Absolutely loved this game! 


Great short game! I played it through 3 times but couldn't find the 'E', or figure out how to explore the first downwards shaft after activating the stuff. Very nice puzzles though :)

This was a really good game. The atmosphere made me think of Last Station, but the gameplay is obviously something completely different.


Fun game, but I’ve been constantly getting stutters


Wow, this could be much longer. Simple controls, plain fun.


How do I move fast? is there a button I'm missing?



what does that mean?

Hold the button pressed and you will go faster and faster, like a ball rolling down a hill.
Think Sonic the Hedgehog in games before they added the boost to instantly get you up to speed.

That was absolutely not working for me, I was holding the button and I was not going fast enough

Hmm that's odd. Seems like something keeps it from registering that you're holding it down.

Really cool, super smart! 

Great game. Thank you very much for adding controller support. Made the game even better.

Playtime was only 6 min tho. Most of the puzzles were very easy and none of the turrets were a major problem.

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эта игра похожа на  game падаль. немного. but really cool game

Really amazing game, definitely a must play from me!


Really cool, great work!

The pixel art is beautiful and the feeling of picking up speed and then maintaining the momentum is fantastic